Cadent Gas - Fazackerley Centre For Warmth

Cadent Gas LTD

Client: Fazackerley Community Centre

The Cadent Centres for Warmth (C4W) initiative focuses on supporting vulnerable communities withing highly deprived areas – helping to keep people safe and warm. Through partnerships with local charities and community centres, our C4W initiative provides essential services tailored to the area's specific needs. This includes financial advice, energy efficiency support, and awareness campaigns on carbon monoxide (CO) safety.

This submission concentrates on one of our flagship C4W projects - Fazakerley, Liverpool, one of the most deprived areas in the North West of England.

Practical assistance such as free gas safety checks and the distribution of slow cookers have directly benefited Fazakerley’s residents, helping to alleviate the burden of fuel poverty and the associated health and wellbeing risks. The project has made a significant impact in the community, with thousands of residents receiving support, including income maximisation advice, CO awareness conversations, and registration for the Priority Services Register (PSR).

The initiative's success is evident through its positive social return on investment and ongoing evaluation to ensure effectiveness and sustainability. With continued collaboration and expansion plans, the Fazakerley project serves as a beacon of community support, promoting resilience and improving the wellbeing of its residents amidst these challenging times.