Cadent Gas and Home-Start: Helping families stay safe and warm

Cadent Gas LTD

Client: Home-Start

As temperatures dropped families braced themselves for another harsh winter, while coping with already spiralling food prices and energy bills that were causing significant hardship.

To ensure families stayed safe, and didn’t have to resort to choosing between a warm home and debt, Cadent set up a partnership with Home-Start UK – creating Centres for Warmth (C4W). A C4W fund was distributed to 27 local Home-Starts to ensure families had access to a warm place where they could connect and access further support – particularly to help them stay safe and warm in their homes.

Through this partnership, Cadent directed support to the most vulnerable families, providing funding and expertise to help them get through the tough winter months. Cadent also distributed over 4,000 carbon monoxide monitors, 1500 slow cookers and training because those living in vulnerable situations.

Crucially, it ensured support was given as part of a wider package of care, strengthening families ability to deal with future winters through educational sessions and training.

Through a combination of meeting immediate needs along with the educational sessions on reducing energy usage, this partnership equipped over 15,000 families to stay safe and warm.