Brilliant Leaders, Brighter Futures


Client: Teach First

IG Group pledges the equivalent of 1% of our post-tax profits to charitable causes. Through our Brighter Future Fund, we make grants to carefully chosen charitable initiatives, focusing on the theme of empowering through education. We have partnered with Teach First for five years now and, in 2020, we kickstarted Teach First’s “Shut In Not Shut Out” campaign with a £2 million donation. This campaign mobilised businesses and influenced the government during the pandemic to help schools in the poorest communities who took the disproportionate burden of COVID-19. Ultimately, Shut In Not Shut Out led to an additional £1.8bn from the government for the education recovery package; £1m worth of computer equipment donated from Teach First supporters; and 2 million laptops donated to schools through government support.

A key part of this campaign was Teach First’s Leading Together programme: a two-year, whole-school transformation package for school leaders. IG Group’s funding allowed Teach First to deliver Leading Together in 30 schools, supporting 187 leaders and thus positively impacting 15,910 pupils. In addition, through employee engagement, we have been able to extend the reach of this partnership to even more pupils and teachers in schools from disadvantaged areas across the country.