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The Lightsource Foundation

Client: World Vision UK

Since 2014 The Lightsource Foundation has partnered with World VisionUK to transform the lives of over 40,000 people living in two of the world’s poorest communities. During these projects, we have partnered closely with local community groups, teachers, health workers, families, and children to address the root causes of poverty that directly impact them.

Along with their volunteers and sponsors, The Lightsource Foundation has collectively donated over £850,000 to the community in Koas Krala, Cambodia, and in Sarlahi, Nepal. Through their international and diverse employee fundraising activities, including payroll giving, staff fundraising and match-funding from the business, their generosity has provided communities with access to clean and safe drinking water, children with quality education, and families with economic opportunities. The utilisation of their expertise and resources saw them gift and install PV-solar panels and storage systems in two schools and a healthcare facility. The grid is notoriously inconsistent in this area, so this gift has created stable electricity and children can now learn in comfortable air-conditioned classrooms and mothers no longer have to give birth in the dark. This is a change that will last for generations to come; the future is bright for children in Koas Krala and Sarlahi.