Break the Wall

MullenLowe UK, Here Design, Inizio Engage, Design Bridge and Partners, Influence Digital, Bulletproof, and more

Client: Creative Mentor Network

Socioeconomic diversity is a problem in the creative sector. Those from privileged backgrounds are twice as likely to be employed in the sector than those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Those who do make it struggle to get ahead and are paid 12% less than their peers. Break the Wall is a training and mentoring consortium run by Creative Mentor Network. In 2023, we worked with 45 partners in the UK creative industries, running six programmes to help us fix these inequalities. Partners involved included Mullenlowe UK, Here, Inizio Engage, Design Bridge and Partners, Influence Digital, The Jamie Oliver Group, Digitas UK, Pearl & Dean, and Bulletproof.

Mentors from these businesses were trained to support young creatives from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and helped them develop skills, broaden their professional networks, and develop a clearer understanding of career paths in the creative industries over a 16-week programme.

Thanks to our partners, we supported 139 young people in 2023 and directly improved their employability and future career opportunities whilst educating a cohort of advocates for our cause in the industry who have continued to speak up for socioeconomic diversity, make changes and raise awareness amongst their peers.