Break the Mould


Client: Shelter

Since launching our partnership in 2017, B&Q colleagues and customers have raised over £2 million for Shelter. These donations fund Shelter’s DIY Skills Advice Service and frontline services, providing advice and practical help to anyone struggling with bad housing or homelessness.

One of the biggest housing problems people can face is mould. An estimated 11.8 million people in Britain are currently suffering with this issue. Yet many people in the UK don’t know how to treat mould effectively. A survey conducted by B&Q found that one in five UK adults don’t know that mould can negatively affect their health. Through our partnership, we recognised the opportunity to align our expertise; by helping the public to treat and cure mould and educate landlords and renters about their rights and responsibilities to make homes safe for everyone.

The marketing campaign, Break the Mould, highlights how common the problem is, raises awareness of the health issues related to mould and damp, and educates people about how to treat and cure mould. Together, we want to help everyone understand how they can tackle this issue, improve their home, and make life better.