BetterYou in partnership with Baby Basics

BetterYou Ltd

Client: Baby Basics

We are incredibly proud to consider ourselves both supporters and friends of Baby Basics Sheffield. This charity is volunteer-led by the most amazing and selfless people who work tirelessly to support displaced families struggling to care for babies and young children.

BetterYou are experts in the formulation and production of essential nutritional supplementation to help us better cope with our modern diet and lifestyles. Pioneering and specialising in oral spray delivery, the products are perfect for young children from birth.

We donate essential nutritional care packages which provide new mothers and their babies with the essential dietary support they need at their most vulnerable time. To date we have provided over 7,000 vital nutritional care packages but just as importantly BetterYou staff have volunteered over 400 working hours to the operation at Sheffield. In 2024 we expect our contribution to be over 8,000 additional packages with over 500 volunteered hours. Our involvement with this amazing charity helps to enhance both our company’s sense of purpose but also that of our staff.