Better Together- Helping Pets and Owners through the Cost of Living Crisis


Client: RSPCA

Driven by a joint passion for improving the health and wellbeing of pets and the people who love them, Purina and the RSPCA are providing a lifeline for pet owners struggling financially through the Inspectorate Veterinary Assistance Voucher (IVAV) scheme. The cost of living crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing animal welfare. At this time of growing need, providing tangible support for pet owners is crucial. Thanks to funding from Purina, RSPCA Inspectors can issue vouchers to vulnerable pet owners, enabling them to access vital veterinary treatments which would otherwise be unaffordable. So far, 1339 vouchers have been distributed, enabling over 868 dogs and 463 cats to receive necessary veterinary care. Not only does this partnership help animals live happier, healthier lives, every voucher can improve the mental wellbeing of overburdened pet owners by reducing financial stress, and strengthen the bond between pet and pet owner by ensuring an animal’s needs are met. Thanks to the partnership, pet welfare issues are tackled early before an animal’s condition deteriorates and becomes more expensive to treat. Consequently, less people have to relinquish their pets – humans and animals are spared the heartbreak of separation, remaining together in loving homes.