Barclays' partnership with the Trussell Trust


Client: The Trussell Trust

In 2022, Barclays entered a three-year partnership with the Trussell Trust to help households across the UK that are facing hunger and struggling with the rising cost of living.

This partnership is one of the biggest and most impactful for the Trussell Trust and has enabled the charity to maximise the incomes of thousands of people who come to food banks, helping them to afford the essentials. The charity’s staff and volunteers have also been trained to provide bespoke support to tackle the underlying causes of hardship, such as mental health challenges, by signposting people to relevant support services. The support has been delivered nationally through the charity’s Help through Hardship helpline, as well as locally by providing grants to food banks to deliver Financial Inclusion (FI) services on the ground, developing a suite of training resources to upskill food bank staff and volunteers. The training will help the food banks foster relationships with local organisations, as well as grow local expertise and develop resources in their patch to help more people access support and advice so they don’t need to use a food bank again in the future.