Agency: Charity partner: FareShare and the Trussell Trust

Asda Fight Hunger Create Change is a transformational partnership with FareShare and the Trussell Trust that launched in 2018 and has made a positive and lasting impact to poverty in the UK. The £25 million donation from Asda across three years has enabled both charities to make huge strides in supporting people facing financial hardship. The Trussell Trust have provided over one million people with fresh food and support services to tackle the root causes of poverty, whilst the significant investment into FareShare's infrastructure including new warehouses, transportation and refrigeration has enabled the charity to redistribute surplus food to 4000 more charities, delivering an additional 46 million meals since 2018. Asda has also expanded its own donation activities, providing the equivalent of 10 million meals to FareShare's network of charity members from stores and depots. The partnership has been agile and reactive, responding to the need at hand. In response to Covid-19, Asda donated £5 million to FareShare and the Trussell Trust to support people in crisis, helping them provide an additional 12 million meals to people impacted and giving 3000 charities access to free food as they fought to tackle the impact of the pandemic on local communities.