Allen & Overy and Hope and Homes for Children's Global Charity Partnership

Allen & Overy

Client: Hope and Homes for Children

In partnership, Allen & Overy (A&O) and Hope and Homes for Children delivered a truly remarkable Global Charity Partnership that has delivered a step change in our shared ambition to consign orphanages to history.

An estimated 5.4million children are confined to orphanages around the world. The majority of children who experience life inside an orphanage suffer violence, abuse and neglect. Deprived of stable, nurturing relationships, these children can face lifelong mental and physical health issues. Families are always the better way. The shocking truth is that around 80% of children in institutions have, or could have, a family member to look after them with the right support.

Our partnership tackled the root causes of orphanage confinement in India and Nepal, as well as supporting Hope and Homes for Children’s global work to keep families together, reunite families, build new families, and work with governments to deliver lasting reform.

A&O’s Partners, employees and alumni contributed an incredible £2.3million for Hope and Homes for Children including amazing fundraising initiatives, pro bono, and in-kind support. In response to COVID-19, A&O extended the length of the partnership by ten months to support HHC and the vulnerable children and families it serves through the pandemic.