5 million futures


Client: Deloitte

Scope’s partnership with Deloitte has been fundamental to a huge transition for us as an organisation. Deloitte have been our guides from one strategy to the next, working with us to evolve how we operate, strategise and digitise.

They have helped us develop a retail strategy which uses data and insight to be profitable and impact-driven. They have supported our employment services with both funding and pro-bono consultancy. For over a year Deloitte have worked with our Leadership Team to help us plan and work more collaboratively. They have supported Scope to adapt the way we work so we can deliver our ambitious new strategy ‘An Equal Future’, and create a better society for the 16 million disabled people in the UK. Scope have also supported Deloitte. Deloitte have worked with our specialists to become more accessible and inclusive.We’ve given talks together about the importance of disability inclusion and the social model. Deloitte invited us to talk at their CFO lab about the commercial benefits of accessibility, and hiring disabled talent. What started as a more traditional partnership has grown into something that will have an impact on both organisations, and more disabled people’s lives than we can count.