clodagh connolly


Business for Societal Impact (B4SI and formerly known as LBG) is the globally recognised methodology used by hundreds of the world's leading companies to articulate and measure the positive impact they have in the world. The B4SI Framework currently underpins the Community & Philanthropy question in the DJSI questionnaire, is reflected in the GRI standard and is recognised by the UN Global Compact as evidence for a company's social impact narrative to stakeholders. Managing the strategic direction and operational overview of B4SI, Clodagh has expertise in strategy development, stakeholder engagement, and impact measurement. She is passionate about the power of business as a driver of meaningful societal and business impact. Clodagh has collaborated with multinationals to create and evolve bespoke strategies, flagship programs, and measurement frameworks with a view to positively impacting society. Clodagh's experience spans all three sectors – private, public and non-profit.