Big Wish for Ethiopia

Yorkshire Water with WaterAid


Yorkshire Water’s ‘Big Wish for Ethiopia’ campaign takes an industry leading approach to corporate partnerships.

Focusing on 6 key themes of volunteering, education, fundraising, customers, influencing and capacity building, the partnership aims are embedded within the companies’ strategic business objectives.

Yorkshire Water have demonstrated:
- The delivery of long term benefits and sustainable outcomes to Ethiopian communities.
- Their capacity to be part of the solution, not just fund the solution.
- The desire to be exploratory / experimental, break new ground, create new models of working and take ideas to scale.

To quote Bethlehem Mengistu, Country Director, WaterAid Ethiopia:
“Manaye (Head of WASH) with our partner (the Head of Utility in Amhara region) attended a 10day technical learning exchange with YW. The partnership is quite unique and spot on with our aim to strengthen urban wash systems and capacities. It is one of the few, if not only, investment by a WASH actor in Ethiopia. It is one of my favourite grants, we call it our ‘more than money’ partnership. Even from the proposal development process it was quite unique. it is continuously being improved / adjusted based on what we are learning and the dynamic nature of capacity development. YW has also been brought their expertise to work with our utilities."

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