Work Training

Mechline Development and MK SNAP


The partnership between Mechline Developments, a UK leading manufacturer of specialised equipment for the food service and hospitality industry and MK SNAP, an education and skill-building charity for people with learning disabilities, has lasted more than 25 years. The long-term impact has been a broad and dynamic positive cultural change for people with learning disabilities in our city, with a greater integration with, and contribution to, the wider community, and a positive uplift in the prospects and opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

MK SNAP was set up by parents whose sons and daughters were excluded from other learning or training provision. They started with 15 adults packing and assembling items for local businesses. Mechline was one of the first on board. Today MK SNAP supports more than 65 adults a day.  The Mechline project, assembling components of Mechline’s Dormont gas connectors builds skills, confidence and work-readiness. It has led to jobs for people with learning disabilities that may not have been possible.

The partnership highlights the trust Mechline place in the abilities of people with learning disabilities and what they ‘can do’ and has given MK SNAP and Mechline enormous pride and produced over 300,000 finished products.

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