Water For All

Atlas Copco and Just a Drop


Since 2012, Atlas Copco has built a long-lasting and effective partnership with water charity, Just a Drop. The company has raised over £269,985.00 for the charity, reaching over 16,000 people across Eastern Europe and Africa with safe clean water. 

In 2019, Atlas Copco marked 100 years of operation within the UK, and 35 years of its network of passionate volunteers known as the Water For All Committee. These two important achievements led to the partnership becoming even prominent, and meaningful, and was marked by the company coming together and motivating staff to support a record number of five Just a Drop’s Safe Water Projects. Atlas Copco’s staff were inspired to take part in a number of events across the year to develop a fuller understanding of the charity, and also to make their own contribution to the cause. 15% of the staff signed up for payroll giving, an initiative that is tripled each month by the company ensuring maximum impact. 

Over the last year alone, Atlas Copco’s work with Just a Drop has had a real and measurable impact on communities globally, and 8,530 people have safely accessed water and been able to thrive from the effects of the partnership.

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