UBS Community Affairs commitment to Hackney

UBS and The Bridge Academy


Thirty years ago the London Borough of Hackney was the second most deprived in the UK. It ranked worst for English, Maths and Science education in England. Half of all secondary-age school children had to travel to outside Hackney to find a school place. Almost a quarter of Hackney's working-aged residents were economically inactive.

The UBS Community Affairs programme was developed in response to this crisis. Over the past three decades, UBS has developed a suite of partnerships in Hackney focussed on education and social entrepreneurship - the areas where as a firm we can make the greatest positive impact. Our programme includes our flagship education partner, The Bridge Academy, as well as other partners including Enabling Enterprise, IntoUniversity, HCD, and UnLtd.

We have leveraged the full suite of our resources to support the community in Hackney - including pro bono advice, routes-to-market and client investment. In 2018, over 47% of the UK workforce volunteered time and skills to support our local community. We have employed London Benchmarking Group methodology to drive our impact. The impact of our Community Affairs programme has been recognised by local and national stakeholders as having played a key role in the transformation of Hackney.

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