Tusk & Investec Asset Management - over a decade working in partnership

Investec Asset Management and Tusk


As long-term asset managers, we are deeply aware of our broader responsibility to society. We want to make a positive impact through initiatives that support local communities and their environments, thereby contributing to the success of future generations.

We have had the opportunity to work with Tusk since 2009, and have announced our commitment to extending this partnership until 2022. As part of this journey, in 2013 we developed the Tusk Conservation Awards in partnership with Investec Asset Management, bringing to life a concept conceived by Tusk, Royal Patron HRH the Duke of Cambridge (www.tuskawards.com). The awards acknowledge the contributions of extraordinary people towards conservation. Now in its seventh year, backed by our commitment to extend this sponsorship to 2022, it's established as one of the most prestigious awards in African conservation.

Our motivation for associating with Tusk is twofold: first, to identify with Tusk's vision; secondly, to acknowledge contributions to conservation of extraordinary individuals. Tusk's approach shows that through long-term investment in sustainable development and education across communities, it is possible to protect wildlife and alleviate poverty. It is the collective responsibility of our generation to act now to protect our natural heritage - otherwise it will be too late.

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