Transforming education in Hackney

UBS and The Bridge Academy


UBS is a global financial services firm. Through our Community Affairs programme we aim to overcome disadvantage in our local communities through support for education and entrepreneurship. In the UK, we have been supporting the London Borough of Hackney through a combination of funding and employee time and skills for over 40 years. 
In 2000, as a result of two decades of working with the local community, UBS was approached to consider sponsoring a new school. The school was needed to help address an acute shortage of secondary school places and to drive up school standards and performance. At the time, half of secondary-age Hackney students were forced to attend school outside the Borough, which was ranked worst for English, Maths, and Science. 
Collaborating with a private client, UBS deployed its resources and business skills to establishing and partnering The Bridge Academy, a co-educational secondary school located in an area of acute deprivation in Hackney. The school opened in September 2007, providing a modern learning environment with pupils and curriculum at the heart of the design. The UBS-Bridge partnership has provided a vehicle for supporting the wider local community, while transforming the lives of young people living in Hackney.

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