Transforming access to legal advice for families and carers of disabled and vulnerable people

Renaissance Legal and Mencap


The partnership between Mencap and Renaissance Legal is unique. Since the relationship was formed in 2013, Mencap remains the only organisation offering free advice and information to families about writing a Will and setting up a Trust to protect a child with learning disabilities. 

Together with the support and specialist advice of Renaissance Legal, Mencap has transformed access to legal advice for the families of the 1.4 million people living with learning disabilities in the UK through its Wills and Trusts Service. 

Since 2013 more than 600 families have received specialist legal advice via the telephone helpline service, with more than 290 hours of free advice being delivered by the Mencap and Renaissance Legal teams. 

The partnership between the two organisations also includes the delivery of expert face-to-face advice to the parents and carers of children with a learning disability at free legal seminars.

Now in its fourth year, the partnership continues to support the needs of families and carers, with more people using the resource than ever. Also forming a key part of Mencap's wider business strategy, the partnership has evolved to include training and strategic support from Renaissance Legal to both the Wills and Trusts and Legacy Teams.

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