Tim Hyde

Royal Mail


Royal Mail has chosen Action for Children as their Charity Partner 2017-2020. Over the first year and a half of the partnership, Tim Hyde has provided an exceptional contribution to charity with the support of Royal Mail, going above and beyond the call of duty to raise money and awareness to support young people's mental health.

Tim has not only delivered his own fundraising and awareness activities at his site, but has travelled far and wide to meet with other sites and colleagues inspiring them to fundraise and helping to facilitate their events. Tim is truly inspirational and involves people and organisations outside of Royal Mail, using his personal networks and contacts to make an even greater difference.

Royal Mail has recognised Tim's incredible efforts and have provided him with time off to travel and meet with colleagues to promote the partnership, educate young people and engage colleagues across the UK. Tim has used Royal Mail grants to cover the cost of fundraising, volunteering and awareness raising activities, so that he can focus his efforts on having an even greater impact on the mental health of young people across the UK.

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