Thrive Not Just Survive Grant

Societe Generale and CLIC Sargent


Societe Generale and CLIC Sargent launched their three-year partnership in 2018 with the aim to raise £1 million to support young people with cancer’s education and employment ambitions. 
Cancer puts young people’s life on hold, so together we launched the ‘Thrive Not Just Survive Grant’ for young people to apply for up to £5,000 in funding for training courses, equipment to set up a business, extra tuition or similar. 
A team from across CLIC Sargent and Societe Generale formed and have implemented the grant, giving young people who have received a cancer diagnosis the best chance possible of making their ambitions a reality.
So far we have awarded 99 grants totalling £192,000 to young cancer patients across the country. Since then we have heard how this grant has transformed their education and career ambitions and enabled young people to get back to where they want to be.

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