The power of #Proudland

Poundland and Make-A-Wish UK, Tommy’s and Whizz-Kidz


#Proudland is a partnership between a national discount retailer, Poundland, and 3 children’s charities: Make-A-Wish UK, Tommy’s and Whizz-Kidz. Launched in October 2017, its aim is to change 10,000 families’ lives within three years. 

But more than this, #Proudland is a culture of pride that has exploded within Poundland over the last two years. Pride in working for a retailer opening – not closing – shops. Pride in working alongside colleagues who go the extra mile, and pride in their price-savvy customers. 

At the heart of this is a game-changing charity partnership. #Proudland’s mission is to change families’ lives in the communities that Poundland colleagues live and work in. Our goal was to foster pride in a business that had undergone a recent change of leadership in a difficult retail climate.
 We needed to:
  1.Unite 19,000 colleagues behind the single #Proudland message 
  2.Increase charity awareness within the business; and 
  3.Support 10,000 families by raising £3m in three years. Poundland’s last partnership with one of Britain’s largest charities raised £3m in eight years. 
Our achievement since then is extraordinary. Within two years fundraising stands at £2.6m, supporting 8,666 families. 100% of Poundland’s 755 stores have taken part in the partnership.

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