The Investec Bank and Arrival Education Partnership

Investec and Arrival Education


In 2018, Investec and Arrival Education celebrated their 10th year of partnership. Investec has worked with Arrival Education (AE) to create bespoke education programmes that best serve the local community. In 10 years, we have seen the development of a flagship programme, Invest for Success, and the implementation of the Access Network programme, which collectively aim to develop youth talent and facilitate social mobility. 

In 2008, AE approached Investec with an idea. We worked together to create a programme which mirrored our combined values and objectives. Based in Tower Hamlets, AE works to equip people from diverse backgrounds, who face social, economic and cultural barriers, with skills and mind-sets to achieve their definition of success in life.

The partnership was developed to engage Investec staff who possessed valuable skills to make a hands-on contribution to the education and empowerment of young people, to prevent them becoming NEET and to help them achieve personal and professional success. 

Since the partnership began in 2008, Investec staff have volunteered approximately 4,000 hours, engaging over 1,600 students from 19 schools. Moreover, Investec have helped AE to achieve its objective of assuring social mobility by employing six graduates of the AE Access Network programme.

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