The AstraZeneca Young Health Programme

AstraZeneca and Plan International UK


"The AstraZeneca Young Health Programme was co-founded with Plan International UK to reduce non-communicable diseases (including heart and respiratory diseases, diabetes and cancers) globally through empowering youth with information to take up and maintain healthy lifestyles.
YHP supports: 
-Research, to inform the debate and identify what really works;
-Programmes, to educate and encourage youth to engage in healthy behaviours,
-Advocacy, to enhance prevention-focused policy-making at local, national and global levels.
Our programmes currently operate across 16 countries, responding to very diverse needs and circumstances. Each country's activity is coordinated with the local AstraZeneca office to ensure that it is appropriate and effective. 
Since 2010 almost 5,000 AstraZeneca colleagues have volunteered more than 40,000 hours - from providing one-on-one mentoring in Sweden, to working with orphans in Russia, and delivering curriculum on air pollution in China. 
We have directly reached 3 million youth and brought the voices of young people to the UN and the World Health Assembly to raise awareness of adolescent health.
We use output metrics to evaluate progress; and an SROI analysis estimated a social return of $6-8 for each $1 invested.
YHP has moved these issues up global agenda, and helped develop effective solutions."

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