Taking mental health to the streets

Accenture and MAC-UK


MAC-UK is a charity striving to transform mental health services for excluded young people. The partnership between MAC-UK and Accenture has been immensely impactful for us both on an individual (people development) as well as an organisational level (strategy and capacity building).

MAC-UK is a small, innovative and disruptive organisation. Our size enables us to be flexible and responsive to young people's needs, rather than be stuck with the pressure of sustaining an organisation. However, being small has its drawbacks such as having adequate expertise across all areas of our core business. We employ frontline staff who are extremely passionate and committed to helping young people; but who then we lack the capacity to invest in other areas such as digital innovation and external communications. 

Accenture has been a consistent, friendly and critical partner that understands our challenges and our ambitions. The partnership with Accenture has helped us think about leadership and strategy in a way that helps us to keep the balance between the day to day work of trying to support young people with chaotic lives whilst looking after valuable staff through constant change against the backdrop of our evolving, national systems change ambitions.

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