Tackling Fraud Together

Experian and Outreach Solutions


Tackling Fraud Together is a community outreach programme, engaging local communities, helping people to understand the risks, and avoid becoming victims, of fraud. Figures from the Annual Fraud Indicator 2017 suggest fraud against individuals amounted to £6.8bn, affecting some 3.25 million victims. Despite numerous campaigns, older people rarely engage with prevention messaging.

Experian has partnered with Outreach Solutions (OSL) to help older people across the UK become more vigilant about protecting their personal finances and create healthier, more resilient communities. This partnership is in line with our strategic objective of putting consumers in control of their financial identities, by giving them the means to protect themselves against fraud.

Over the last 4 years, Experian invested £350,000 in the initiative. Current and previous programmes will engage approximately 140,000 people across the UK. Return on Investment calculations show that for every £1 invested, personal losses are reduced by £8. Therefore, we calculate (using a ratio of 8:1) that approximately £2.8m of losses have been saved as a result of this initiative.

In addition, participants say the programme has built their confidence in dealing with scams, empowering them to take greater responsibility for themselves and for their community.

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