Step Forward

Legal & General and Royal Voluntary Service


The partnership between Legal & General and Royal Voluntary Service is now five years old. In that time we've worked together to support vulnerable older people in hospitals and at home. Together we've been fundraising, volunteering and funding some very exciting projects. We're both delighted that our partnership means we've created a really significant and far reaching social impact for all the people we're supporting, including RVS staff, service users, volunteers and L&G employees. 

Our favourite joint projects include setting up a new RVS Home from Hospital service in Portsmouth, supporting older people as they return home and recover from a stay in hospital and volunteering to deliver retail trolley services to wards and RVS hospital cafes. We've even been fundraising together to buy even more hospital retail trolleys. 

Recently RVS has helped L&G set up a customer referral service so they can support their own vulnerable older customers. The result is that L&G have now committed to supporting Royal Voluntary Service's flagship marketing campaign: Step Forward. Together we will inspire more people to step forward and volunteer, especially at the time they are retiring, whilst raising awareness of the issues of loneliness in older age and positive ageing. 

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