Societe Generale & CLIC Sargent

Societe Generale and CLIC Sargent


Societe Generale and CLIC Sargent launched their three-year partnership in 2018 with the aim to raise £1 million to support young people with cancer’s education and employment ambitions. Cancer puts young people’s life on hold, and together we want to ensure young people can get back on track. 
Societe Generale employees have been fundraising for CLIC Sargent for the past 22 months and are on track to surpass the target set at the start of the partnership. This is reflected in the high levels of engagement SG has had in staff campaigns.
This partnership has so far enabled CLIC Sargent to support 1,600 children and young people with education and employment support; awarded 99 grants to help young cancer patients to make their education or career ambitions happen; and produced a research report and employers toolkit looking at the impact of a childhood cancer diagnosis on young people and their parent’s employment which we hope will go on to equip employers to support many more young people or parents as they need it.

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