Sky and WWF; 10 year of delivering huge impact through our partnership

Sky and WWF UK


In 2009 Sky Rainforest Rescue was launched by Sky and WWF with the aim to help protect one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest. The mission was to keep the rainforest standing by making it possible for local people to make a sustainable living from the forest without having to cut it down. When the partnership came to an end in 2015, it had exceeded all expectations raising over £9.5m from Sky employees, customers and the general public. It also brought the Amazon closer to home in the UK with 7.3m people gaining an increased understanding of deforestation. 

In 2015, the partnership was renewed for three more years, focusing on supporting Sky’s responsible business strategy, and inspiring consumers to act on climate change. In 2017 Sky wanted to use their voice to shine a spotlight on ocean health. Sky and WWF new five-year partnership is focussing on our oceans by protecting a network of marine protected areas, which provide special sanctuaries for marine wildlife. The partnership also focuses on supporting Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign to spread the word among its customers about the crisis in our oceans and to inspire them to take action in their everyday lives.

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