Rent Deposit Scheme

Yorkshire Building Society and End Youth Homelessness


In 2017 Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) partnered with End Youth Homelessness (EYH) to fulfil a strategic objective of supporting vulnerable people into a place to call home. 
The Rent Deposit Scheme (RDS) is a joint project that is paid for through the charity partnership between YBS and administered by EYH, and helps private landlords to fill vacant properties quickly and free of charge
End Youth Homelessness is a UK-wide movement of local charities that have joined forces to tackle youth homelessness together. It provides a national platform to raise awareness, share experience and fundraise. EYH member charities support over 30,000 young people each year facing homelessness.
Last year over 103,000 young people in the UK reported to their local council as homelessness or at risk. A lack of social housing and unaffordable private rental sector housing prevents homeless young people accessing accommodation. To date the partnership has raised £960,000 and over 400 homeless young people and 85 dependent children have been supported into a property of their own.

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