Refill x Chilly's

Chilly's and City to Sea


The Refill campaign and Chilly’s are on a mission to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products to prevent plastic pollution at source. Plastic is a material that is made to last forever, yet most of it is used just once and thrown away. One million plastic bottles are bought every minute and it’s predicted that figure will keep rising. 

For every Refill x Chilly’s bottle purchased, Chilly’s donate up to £10 to Refill. Since 2018, 50,000 people have chosen the Refill x Chilly’s bottle, supporting reuse over single use, leading to donations of over £380,000 in two years as Chilly’s became the UK’s fastest growing private company of 2019. Thanks to their support, the Refill app has grown from strength to strength and now lists over 30,000 Refill Stations where people can refill their water bottle for free. Over 265,000 people have downloaded the app and in 2020 Refill will launch internationally, celebrating having saved 100 million plastic bottles from entering the waste stream in 2019 alone. Together, Refill x Chilly’s has created a new social norm for carrying a reusable water bottle and proven that we’ve well and truly #gotthebottle to prevent plastic pollution.

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