PureGym National Relay

PureGym and Mental Health UK


PureGym wanted to create a flagship activity, reaching every community where they work, to demonstrate their commitment to physical and mental health in a fresh and innovative way. They partnered with Mental Health UK on a National Relay which linked up all their gyms from Aberdeen to Plymouth through a weeklong challenge which ran 24/7 from 18-25 June 2019.
 PureGym committed to raising £250,000, asking their network of 235 gyms to raise £1,000 each, through sponsorship and fundraising activities in every gym. In total, 1,500 colleagues from PureGyms across the UK covered 3,000 miles between their gyms during the challenge by cycling, running, canoeing, walking, and even doing a conga to get teams from one gym to another. In doing so, they not only hit an average of £972 per gym, but they raised £140,000 in additional gifts, smashing their total and reaching £368,347 in fundraising.
 They also distributed Mental Health UK information across their million members, and got people up and down the country participating in charity classes and other wellbeing activities to take their physical and mental health message far and wide.

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