Patron Capital and The Royal Marines Charity Business-Charity Partnership

The partnership between Patron Capital and The Royal Marines Charity highlights how businesses and charities can work together to achieve much more than just raising money and ticking CSR boxes. In addition to fundraising activities, Patron has acted as a gateway for the Royal Marines Charity, to the civilian work environment, at all levels and across all sectors - from leisure, construction and hospitality to sales or finance. Patron provides ex-servicemen and women with valuable introductions, mentoring and opportunities to help them rebuild their lives following physical and psychological injury. As well as individual opportunities, the partnership has improved the RMC's ability to raise funds, making it a far better funded charity

The partnership has brought together two otherwise disparate groups who have bonded, formed long-term friendships, and been enriched by increasing their understanding of each other. Raising money, raising awareness, improving people's lives and making valuable introductions, the long-term and flexible approach of the relationship between Patron Capital and the Royal Marines Charity is an outstanding example of a business charity partnership.

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