OC&C and Just Like Us Training Partnership

Just Like Us (JLU) was founded to tackle two problems: the difficulties faced by LGBT+ kids growing up at school and the factors that drive 60% LGBT+ graduates back into the closet in their first job.

OC&C partnered with Just Like Us to help deliver their solution: the Relatable Role Model Programme, which trains LGBT+ students, aged 18-24, to give talks in schools that champion LGBT+ equality and challenge prejudice.

OC&C and JLU developed and implemented an innovative corporate partnership model: rather than solely providing money, partners offer training and career development to JLU volunteers. OC&C delivered presentation skills workshops to students to help maximise JLU’s impact in schools. These sessions alongside opportunities to learn more about graduate careers, networking and other events have helped JLU ambassadors build the skills and confidence needed to move from education to employment able to be themselves.

OC&C made a transformational impact on the ambassadors and LGBT+ school kids, training over 50 students as relatable role models for more than 12,000 kids aged 11-18 in schools in Cardiff, Oxford, Bristol and London. Moreover, OC&C helped JLU widen its impact by developing a replicable and scalable partnership model adopted by other corporate partners.

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