BRITA UK and Whale and Dolphin Conservation UK


Single-use plastics are causing major damage to marine life. BRITA UK joined forces with Whale and Dolphin Conservation UK to raise awareness of the threat from the 13m tonnes of plastic that leak into our seas annually, and empower individuals to make positive choices, such as using refillable bottles. #NotWhaleFood brings together WDC’s research, celebrates everyday #plasticsheroes, and offers practical inspiration. The microsite makes plastic personal – communicating that individuals can make a difference. #NotWhaleFood was launched with an ‘urban beach clean‘ led by Julia Bradbury, covered by the Express and Mail. Unlike traditional corporate-charity partnerships the focus is not on enhancing sales, but on informing discussion. WDC was given significant flexibility and the funding has enabled WDC to create a policy expert role focused solely on plastics. In addition to facilitating change that will benefit whales and dolphins, the partnership has brought significant benefits. WDC has been invited into several schools, and is building #NotWhaleFood into its successful education programme at its Scottish Dolphin Centre. In January, the Government pledged to ‘eliminate all avoidable plastic waste’ within 25 years. BRITA and WDC are proud #NotWhaleFood has been a key voice in mobilising the public and convincing policymakers why this matters.

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