Nisa Miles

Nisa Retail and Making a Difference Locally


Last year saw the launch of a new initiative at Nisa that began as a new year workplace challenge helping to motivate colleagues into getting active, and became a fantastic annual fundraiser that to date has raised in excess of £60,000 for charity.

The ‘Nisa Miles’ challenge was launched in January 2019 to encourage staff to be healthier and walk, run or cycle a set number of miles each month or quarter. To make it even more worthwhile, Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity pledged to match miles with money (£1 per mile) and donate the funds raised to a different charity each quarter. The Nisa Miles initiative has been a huge success, with 148 colleagues from across the business taking part and amassing a total of 58,310 miles walked, run and cycled; raising £60,000 for good causes in its first year. Colleagues have also seen benefits to both their physical and mental health through greater activity, with many reporting the challenge to have had a significant positive impact on their wellbeing.

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