Nan Knows Best

Beko and Electrical Safety First


Electrical Safety First and Beko worked together towards a shared objective to improve electrical product registration rates and reduce accidental electrical fires in the home. 
Government fire data and the Charity’s research identified that people on lower incomes and living in densely populated accommodation in the Greater Manchester area were most at risk of accidental domestic fires caused by electrical products. Focus groups carried out with this target audience helped shape the creative direction for the campaign. Their feedback was clear that in order to communicate the rather dry topic of electrical safety in an engaging way, the campaign would have to be entertaining with a twist, rather than merely informative. 
 A video was produced, giving “behind the scenes” access to the filming of a safety video featuring a sweet looking Nan, Doris, giving electrical safety advice. But Doris quickly went off script, peppering her talk with bizarre insults and bleeped out swearing. Promoted on social media and via stakeholders and bloggers in the Greater Manchester area, the campaign achieved excellent reach and engagement. More importantly, following the campaign, a consumer awareness survey showed real improvement in awareness of the key electrical safety issues that the video addressed.

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