Movement for Good Awards



Ecclesiastical and UK charities 
Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good Awards was a £1 million charitable giving initiative designed to change people’s lives for the better by supporting the incredible work done by UK charities across all sectors – from health and community to education and heritage. 
Our in-depth knowledge of charities shaped the project. For example, we know that for many charities – especially smaller ones – £1,000 can make an immediate difference. And for charities looking to realise ambitious, innovative ideas, multi-year funding is all-important. So, to maximise the impact of our giving, we created two categories: £1,000 awards to 500 charities and £50,000 grants to 10 charities. 
Our £1,000 awards gave people the chance – and funds – to donate to their favourite charity. They inspired charities and people to act, making a real difference in their communities.
For our £50,000 grants, we partnered with projects that would have a lasting impact, demonstrating a clear need and compassion for the people and places they support. The success of the awards exceeded all expectations. 

We helped hundreds of charities – on the streets, in classrooms, in hospices – make a positive difference to society, building a movement for good.

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