Mizuho and YoungMinds Collaboration

Mizuho and YoungMinds


In October 2018, we were proud to commence a two year partnership with YoungMinds, joining them in their fight for a future where every young mind is supported and empowered.
Young people’s mental health has never been so important, with research showing how big the problem is in the UK. This is an issue that our employees feel incredibly passionate about, and they have fully engaged with, and driven, various initiatives benefiting YoungMinds.
 From bake sales to dress down events, to actively supporting the charity’s Hello Yellow campaign, our employees have been instrumental in raising over £60,000 to date. We have also been delighted to offer the YoungMinds team access to our training courses, and our joint participation in the Lord Mayor’s Show last year will have brought their cause to the attention of a much greater audience.
Two projects in particular are benefiting from our partnership: the charity’s 360° Schools programme, which provides crucial support to those working in education, and their free and confidential Parents Helpline. In 2019, YoungMinds gave advice and support to over 11,500 parents and carers who called the Helpline, and we feel privileged to have made a difference, now and for the future generation.

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