Michelle Le Clerc



In line with Investec's focus on Education, Michelle has been instrumental in identifying local schools which needed extra support, and from 2010-2016 our Guernsey office supported Amherst primary school and since 2016 we have been supporting La Mare primary school. Both schools are the only two social priority schools, with a significantly higher percentage of children in social housing than any other school, on the island and therefore need extra support for their pupils, many of whom have behavioural and/or learning difficulties.
Over the last 10 years Michelle has gone above and beyond the remit for her role, engaging over 60% of employees in the office to volunteer (compared to the UK average of 14.3% (Corporate Citizenship LBG Report 2017)), and has contributed over 200 hours of volunteering herself. As a result of her dedication, passion, and coordination efforts far beyond her role, we have seen real impacts in both social priority schools, including; the Amherst Boys' Reading Club which led to the development of reading programme across all island primary schools; the La Mare Maths scheme helping 17% more children work on age-appropriate targets; and winning the Guernsey Community Foundation Award in Michelle's/Investec's support of both schools.

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