Making a Difference Locally

Nisa Retail


Convenience retail specialist Nisa's registered charity, Making a Difference Locally (MADL), was established in May 2008 to invest in building stronger local communities. It allows Nisa retailers to support local causes with charitable donations and further develop relationships with their local area.

MADL supports a vast range of causes, as part of the vision of bringing communities together where everyone has equal access to good health and wellbeing, education, employment, good food and nutrition, shelter and security.

Since 2008 MADL has supported good causes with over 11,000 donations, totalling a huge £8.3m, and 2018 marked an eventful landmark 10th year for the charity.

The birthday year was celebrated with a raft of activity involving Nisa colleagues, retailers, small charities and the general public, including MADL's biggest ever competition which gave 10 small charities the chance to win £10,000 each towards marketing costs, to help them become more sustainable.

Last year also saw MADL introduce a new funding model - to great success - and achieve significant milestones of a total £10m raised and 10,000 donations made over its 10 years of supporting local communities. In addition, MADL collecting tins raised a landmark £40,000 following their launch 18 months previously.

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