Macmillan Mighty Hikes

Sainsbury's Argos and Macmillan Cancer Support


Argos has supported Macmillan since March 2015 when 40% of Argos colleagues voted to support the charity over 4 other worthy causes. Since 2015, the partnership has had a direct impact on people living with cancer raising over £2.5m. Originally a two-year partnership, Argos extended the partnership by a further year, with a commitment to raise £3m in three years. As part of this extension in 2017, Argos supported the Macmillan Mighty Hikes series on an unprecedented level for one of Macmillan’s corporate partners. 2017 was a year of huge change for Argos as a business. Despite this back drop of change, Argos employees fully embraced the Mighty Hikes programme. All the way from the shop floor, to the board room, an incredible 398 Argos employees took part in the 8 different marathon distance treks all over the UK, raising an incredible £132,000 for people living with cancer. The treks acted as a catalyst to bring the whole organisation together, promoting team building across all Argos Divisions and at the same time raising a life changing amount of money. The Argos participation in the Macmillan mighty hikes series was a truly team effort that brought incredible results.

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