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Southern Co op and Society of St James


In 2019, Southern Co-op selected Society of St James as its charity partner to address important issues within local communities, including the reduction of criminogenic factors such as drug/alcohol misuse meaning their mutual objectives were well aligned. 
With support given in the form of skills based volunteering from marketing and training teams, professional advice from property and buying teams, along with the more traditional hands-on volunteering and fundraising, the partnership has provided benefits for both organisations. Already £11,500 has been raised, £4,250 volunteering hours spent and a further £15,000+ has been pledged. In the spirit of true partnership, Southern Co-op have benefitted from the expert knowledge the charity has around the subject of homelessness, drug/alcohol misuse and offending behaviour informing the development of strategic initiatives for the business.
The partnership is helping to shape attitudes across the business towards drug-related crime, allowing a more empathetic approach with the search for solutions beyond simply improving conviction rates. SSJ’s Café Manager said “The most wonderful part has been to see the interaction between the vulnerable adults we work with and the colleagues from Southern Co-op and to see what a positive impact this is having on the self-esteem of our service users”.

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