"Look where I am going, not where I have been"

Honest Burgers and Working Chance


Honest Burgers, a UK-wide chain of burger restaurants, decided to partner with a charity called Working Chance to broaden its approach to inclusion and diversity. 

Working Chance, which is also a recruitment consultancy, supports women who have grown up in care and/or have criminal convictions. Helping women to secure paid-employment, Working Chance enables them to build a future for themselves.

Together, Working Chance and Honest Burgers are making a real and lasting difference in the lives of these women. Ultimately, women who are supported to find and sustain quality paid work with real career prospects are statistically more likely to find and sustain safe and secure housing, look after their children, move away from abusive relationships and abstain from reoffending. 

The partnership between Working Chance and Honest Burgers is helping to give these women and their children hope for a better future - one job at a time. Getting women with convictions into paid work is good for them, their children, society and the economy. 

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