Leeds By Example

Hubbub with Zero Waste Leeds, Leeds City Council and Ecosurety


We consume more food and drink ‘on-the-go’ in the UK than ever before, getting through thirteen billion plastic bottles, nine billion cans and almost three billion coffee cups each year. Yet the much-needed recycling infrastructure for all packaging used and discarded on our streets has not kept up with demand. 
Only two out of five local authorities offer recycling on-the-go (which is defined as recycling outside of the home). Furthermore, the material collected is often too poor quality to be recycled. Local authorities need support to encourage the public to use on-the-go recycling bins effectively through infrastructure and communications. 
Hubbub decided to develop a high-profile, multi-stakeholder campaign that aimed to find scalable solutions to the problem. With a unique collaboration of 26 funding partners and 31 local partners, including among others, the public sector, Leeds City Council, the NHS, shopping centres, small businesses and community groups, it was the largest UK collaboration to tackle on-the-go recycling. Hubbub secured funding, identified Leeds as a suitable city and undertook the development and project management of the campaign, launching it in October 2018 in partnership with local delivery partner Zero Waste Leeds, and generating robust insights from a 12 months trial.

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