Kew Green Hotels

Kew Green Hotels and Greenfingers Charity


The charity partnership aim was to satisfy Kew Green Hotel’s CSR objectives within the community and environment, deliver both commercial and charitable benefits and create a rewarding, enjoyable relationship.
A small charity, Greenfingers, was chosen as charity partner as their work, enhancing well-being for seriously ill children in hospices through inspiring gardens, was innovative/creative and it was felt would therefore capture the imagination of and engage Kew Green Hotel’s 3,500 employees. The charity’s geographical-spread of garden projects reflected the hotel group's regional coverage meaning staff in hotels across the country could engage with and volunteer within local garden projects.

Through fundraising initiatives/events, employees/customers/suppliers raised £382,000 for Greenfingers vastly surpassing all targets, increasing Greenfingers corporate income almost four-fold, generating 73% of corporate donations, increasing the charity’s project output by 25%, enabling the charity to create stunning gardens for a further 2,000 life-limited children. From negligible charity engagement pre-partnership, 74% percent of Kew Green staff raised funds and the charity’s awareness was raised amongst 96% of staff. Great press coverage/stories/PR opportunities/publicity was generated.

Employees embraced horticultural/gardening volunteering opportunities, working together in the outdoors on exciting projects, building teams/relationships and offering a real sense of tangible achievement.

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