Project DODO

JPA Furniture with Charities & Community Organisations in our Operational Geographies


Our family business is commercial furniture supply but we also want to 'help people' wherever we can via our activities – we’re small in the scheme of things with 25 staff but that doesn’t prevent us from having big ideas!

Welcome to Project DODO - preventing old furniture from becoming extinct!

DODO is an inclusive 'one in, one out' furniture collection and recycling service (non-landfill materials recovery) offered when we deliver new commercial furniture to our Clients.

Soon after starting DODO in 2016, we realised that most of the furniture we were collecting was fit for task as made for contract use, so we took DODO a step further by matching-up businesses with still serviceable surplus furniture with local organisations who needed it.

DODO has had measurable impact across the community including many charities and not-for-profit organisations AND, also enabled us to be more competitive, turning our locality and size into a strength – a double win:

In 2016 we rehomed over 2250 items to 50 cross community organisations – all completed at no charge and saving our community the equivalent of £170k in furniture spend, freeing valuable funds to be spent on other resources.

What’s more, we loved every minute of it.

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