ITV Social Purpose



At ITV we’re well-known for entertaining the nation with our much-loved shows. But we can – and should – do more than this. With our scale, reach and creativity we’re in a unique position to shape the national conversation, shift attitudes and change behaviour. 
Historically, we’ve used our platform to make a difference, but in the past it was never a core focus. We’d raised awareness of issues, and raised millions for charity, but it was always piecemeal. Under new CEO Carolyn McCall, we resolved to do more. Importantly, we put social change at the heart of our new business strategy, More Than TV. We set out to move from positive-but-passive ‘Corporate Responsibility’ to active Social Purpose. 
A new team formed in January 2019 was tasked with the ambitious goal of shaping culture for good. After consultation, we agreed to focus on four priorities: Britain’s health, environment, people and communities. 
In just 12 months we’ve created unprecedented change. We encouraged 2.8 million people to engage with mental health. We persuaded 1.3 million kids to eat more healthily and get active. We gave £54m to good causes, making us the most generous FTSE100 company. And we raised a record-breaking £7.9million for Unicef.

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