Covea and Alzheimer's Society


In September 2018, 25 insurers united against dementia and took on the gruelling Mont Blanc Massif challenge - three days trekking western Europe's highest mountain. Spearheaded by Simon Cooter at Covéa Insurance, the team was made up of Covéa staff and people from an additional 15 firms across the industry, who overcame their rivalries to help bring hope closer for everyone affected by dementia.

The team smashed their initial target of £75,000, which they then upped to £85,000, with a view to raising enough to pay for a full three-year PhD. They sailed past this target too, and by the end of the trek had raised an incredible £103,642. Covéa generously covered all costs associated with the trek, meaning that the full amount generated by the InsureTrek team is supporting the groundbreaking work taking place at the UK Dementia Research Institute.

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